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Date Night Box -Vibrant & Effervescent



'If music be the food of love, play on!'


Wine, music, aroma and food; all the ingredients you need for a multi-sensory Valentine's adventure!


In each beautifully giftwrapped parcel you will receive:


- Your chosen wine

- Expertly paired recipe suggestions 

- A curated playlist to match your wine's mood

- A mystery aroma game with a trio of love-themed aromas 


The Wine:

Choose between the following Traditional Method Sparkling Wines.


Pago de Tharsys, Penedes, Cava Brut Nature NV - £16

Wiston Estate, Brut NV, Sussex, English Sparkling Wine - £32

Laurent Perrier La Cuvee Brut Champagne NV - £45

Marie-Courtin, Blanc de Noirs, Resonance 2017, Vintage Champagne - £49


The Music:

Did you know music has been proven to have an affect on how wine tastes? You will receive a code to access a Spotify playlist carefully curated to match the Vibrant and Effervescent mood of these wines, mirroring their sensorial qualities in musical form to enhance your drinking pleasure! 


The Recipes:

Sometimes you fancy cooking up a storm. But sometimes you fancy cuddling up on the sofa and chowing down on something altogether less formal! Whatever your mood, this box contains pairing suggestions to suit both occasions - whether its dinner party, or 'netflix and chill' vibes.


The Mystery Aroma Game

Challenge and train your wine nose with the mystery trio of aromas. What do they remind you of? What assocations or memories do they spark for you? When you're ready for the reveal, you can use the enclosed QR code to reveal the answers, and learn a little bit about the aromas. What's even better, did you know that by challenging your brain and nose in this way, you are actively strengthening your sense of smell?

Date Night Box -Vibrant & Effervescent