"A Night In: Italy" At Home Experience

Travel with your senses to Italy for an evening perfectly curated around two Italian wines.


An iconic Aglianico del Vulture from celebrated winemaker Elena Fucci in Basilicata and a beautifully aromatic Greco di Tufo  from Campania, land of Pompeii and the Amalfi coast. 


As well as the wines, you will receive a small box of with 3 mystery aroma vials, and a stack of beautiful postcards. On the reverse of each postcard you find everything you need to create a perfectly Italian evening through aromas, recipes, music, wine, photography and cinema!





Two premium wines made from two iconic Italian grapes.


Elena Fucci, 'Titolo', Aglianico del Vulture, Basilicata, 2017

A powerful red wine from vines grown on an ancient volcano. 


Vadiaperti, Greco di Tufo, Campania, 2018

A zesty, aromatic white from an ancient Italian varietal. 

"A Night In: Italy" At Home Experience



A bespoke Spotify soundtrack accessed via QR code: Radio Italiano by Vignette Wine.  



Receive 2 recipe cards for the perfect Italian inspired recipes to pair with the 2 wines. 

Italian wines, perhaps more than any other wine culture, are designed to be enjoyed with food. Allora, mangiamo! 

A zesty winter salad to lift a jaded palate and a meaty feast of operatic proportions. 

(NB Ingredients not included)



A night's perfect viewing to transport your mind and soul, if not your body to Italy 

Available via Amazon Prime. 

“I thought Fellini was a fantasist, a dreamer, until I went to Rome. And now I don’t know if the Rome I got to look at was a Rome that had been influenced by Fellini, and had become to look and behave as if it was a Fellini movie or if in fact he was a documentary filmmaker. I suspect in fact, he was a documentary filmmaker; it was always there to be seen”. Terry Gilliam on Fellini



Discover 3 mystery aroma to help train your sense of smell and evoke memories of Italian wine, culture and countryside... Scan the QR code on the postcard to reveal the scents when you're ready

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