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Why we exist

​Wine tasting is hugely subjective. The brain creates the taste of wine based on a myriad of inputs and shifting experiential frames... No two people will 'taste' exactly the same thing. 


Yet, the way wine is discussed, taught, sold - it's as though an objective truth exists, when the reality is far more fluid. This rigid approach creates a barrier for many consumers: "I love wine but I don't know anything about it".

Inspired by insights from psychology and neuroscience, I aim to create a space to tune into the senses, and put the focus on you and your palate, as much as the wine itself. Whether its through my wine experience boxes, or my multi-sensory tasting events, I believe that by focusing on how we drink as much as what we drink we can seriously enhance and transform our wine experiences, making every sip count.


In 2021 I completed the WSET Diploma in Wine with Distinction, graduating amongst the top 2% of graduates globally. I love sharing my passion for wine, helping to empower and inspire people in their exploration and appreciation of wine. I hope you'll join me for a multi-sensory journey through your palate, and your mind!

Sophie Griffiths, DipWSET

Founder & Director, Vignette Wine Ltd

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