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Vadiaperti Greco di Tufo, Campania, 2018

Vadiaperti are a notable producer of this classic Italian white variety. From grapes cutivated at 350m-600m above sea level in the beautiful Campania country side.


Floral notes of honey, with ripe fruit and plenty of freshness thanks to the higher altitide cultivation. 


"Without doubt, the Greco di Tufo, from which the wine of the same name is made, is the oldest variety of the Avellino area. It was imported from the Greek region of Thessaly by the Pelasgian peoples. A confirmation of the millennial origin of the wine is provided by the discovery of a fresco at Pompeii, traced in the 1st century BC. A brief poetical inscription was added to the fresco, apparently by a frustrated lover: “You are truly cold, Bytis, made of ice, if last night not even Greco wine could warm you up.” Doglas Wregg. 

Vadiaperti Greco di Tufo, Campania, 2018