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Ayunta Etna Bianco Piante/Sparse 2019

A honey gold hue in the glass and a powerful minerality that somehow speaks of its volcanic origins. (A profile not unlike fellow volcanic wine, Santorini Assyrtiko) The aromatics range from salty lemon and dried chamomile, to more tropial and creamy notes from lees ageing.  A beautiful texture on the palate completes this truly captivating vino da meditazione. 

Ayunta Etna Bianco Piante/Sparse 2019


Filippo Mangione spent his life savings to purchase three hectares of ancient vineyards – some vines between 150 and 200 years old – all within a mile of each other on the northern slopes of Mount Etna in an exceptional contrada called Calderara Sottana, whose rocky, volcanic soils are derived from Etna’s very first eruption 3,000 years ago. Work in the vineyards is both hands- on (no machinery) and hands-off (no chemicals), with native grapes interplanted as was traditional. The climate is extreme with vast diurnal shifts and occasionally strong winds; in a small range you can find conditions and flora that is both Nordic and African. These are very special wines; the product of a truly unique site and the dreams of a truly passionate, engaging winemaker.