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Pure Cedarwood Virginian Essential Oil. 

A luxurious and evocative aroma. Cedar is a common note found in fine Bordeaux wines which have been aged in new French oak barrels after fermentation. In wine it will of course be more subtle than the pure essence in your aroma vial, but not less distinctive and evocative, adding woody, resinous gently spicy notes - reminiscent of cloves and sandalwood. Cigar box is a common descriptor, where Cedar melds with another common aroma found in aged fine Bordeaux - dried tobacco leaves. 

Depending on the neural connections your own experiences have created, the pure smell may take you to the forests of South Africa's Cederberg mountains, or to a memory of a teenage crush, or an atoning or perhaps guilty childhood memory of a Catholic Church ceremony. 

Image by Alexandre Trouvé
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