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Bordeaux Reverie: Aroma Training

Smell is one of the most powerful of the human senses. Aroma molecules trigger the brain by connecting into our olfactory receptors;  specialised brain cells which wire directly to the limbic system. The limbic system is a powerful, primal brain centre responsible for emotion and memory - that's why smells can evoke vivid memories, seemingly out of nowhere.


These aromas have been selected to take you on an olfactory homage to Bordeaux... scents inspired by the grapes and the flavour profile and this venerable wine style.  When you're ready, you can reveal the answers below.

Tips on smelling: 

Avoid undiluted contact with the skin. If you're having trouble smelling, try removing the plastic stopper or drop a little of the contents onto a tissue.  Smell gently, and then smell deeply. 

Ask yourself - which category would I put this in? Fruity? Earthy? Spicy? Mineral? Gourmande? Then triangulate your way down from there, rather than trying to guess from the whole world of smell.

Pay attention to what your brain recollects... what images and memories fleet across your mind? Does it bring up any mental image? How does it make you feel?

Image by Artur Łuczka


How would you describe the aroma? Does it remind you of anything? 

Image by Sebastian Unrau


How would you describe the aroma? Doe anything come to mind? 

Image by Jingda Chen


What does this aroma evoke for you? What mental images come to mind?

Image by Geronimo Giqueaux


Can you guess what this powerful aroma is? 

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