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The Frame Cultural Innovations Quarterly

We were very excited to feature in the latest cultural innovations quarterly from Flamingo Futures. Discussing our anti-wine-snob approach of developing 'connoisseurship as a form of self-exploration', and playing into the experience economy and broader wellness trend:


"In a digital, virtual world, there is something luxurious about experiences that engage our senses of smell and taste. Smell and taste are our two chemical senses, they connect us most directly and physically to the outside world. Yet they account for just 4.5% of human perception and cognition, and the idea of developing sensory expertise is undervalued. But what if we could expand and develop our most underused senses?" 

Featuring alongside Barcelona based culinary artist Pepi de Boissieu, Milan based 'eating experience' designer Giulia Soldati and LA Design Week's Martin Butler, the report highlights the blending of conceptual art and fine dining. The notion of luxury is being redefined as we strive for a truer form of luxury - not goods, but experiences that stimulate more of the senses, and engage us on a deeper, more personal level. 

"They're reimagining connoisseurship as a form of self-exploration. Vignette, an experiential wine tasting organisation has claimed that 'the reign of the wine bore is over. To help end it, they've replaced wine snobbery with tasting sessions that encourage the taster to investigate the unique genetic and neurological make up that shapes their tasting experience, as much as the grain, terroir and vintage of the wine itself."

The full paid report is available from Flamingo, or you can download a free taster version here, or contact Vignette Wine to learn more.  

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