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Father's Day: Clever gift ideas for wine lovers

Puzzles, books and (not-naff) wine gadgetry? And not a pair of socks in sight. Here are my recommendations for Dad-worthy Father's Day gifts.

No more leaving innocent bottles of wine under the cupboard under the stairs. Temperature fluctuation is the energy of wine. This cheeky little fridge will keep 20 bottles at the perfect temperature, meaning you'll always have a bottle ready to go when the mood hits.

Simply a stunning, classic wine book. Each region has a succinct but info-rich page or two, with gorgeous maps, and beautiful writing from Jancis Robinson and Hugh Johnson. (They are kind of like the Dumbledore and Professor McGonagal of the wine world).

The latest edition is a must-have in any self-respecting wine lover's collection, and has a beautiful emerald green cover.

Another beautiful wine book that covers the key old world regions - Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace etc. It's written by Jordan Mackay and Rajat Parr. Rajat Parr is a winemaker behind Domaine de la Cote in the Santa Rita Hills (amongst other well-respected wineries). If you've seen Somm III he features as a talking head a lot and you might also remember that it was his wine - Bloom's Field 2014 Pinot Noir that won against some top drawer Burgundy in the recreated 'The Judgement of Paris' that featured on the show. (Wine legends Fred Dame, Steven Spurrier and Jancis Robinson tasted French and Californian Burgundy and Rajat Parr's wine came out of top).

What I particularly like about his book, apart from the stunning photos, is the fact is discussed what these famous wines taste like - and how to draw them apart from similar wines from other regions.

Sometimes it's not always about wine. This jolly book from fresh new voice Natalya Watson, one of the world's top female Beer Sommeliers (yes that's a thing too!), will delight any beer lover.

Essential reading for any serious wine lover. Myth busting, very readable, and will seriously level-up your wine knowledge and confidence.

Zalto produce the most beautiful glassware I've come across. Gossamer-thin and extremely light-weight they feel barely-there in your hand, as if the wine has been introduced to your palate by sheer magic! 67 Pall Mall have entirely Zalto glassware in their cushy member's only wine club. They are expensive but a set of 2, 4 or 6 would be a smashing (sorry) present for any wine lover.

A set of 2 will set you back £68.50 while a set of 6 costs £203.69.

This is a genuinely useful bit of wine kit.

Pierces the cork, extracting wine in exchange for neutral gas, enabling you to drink a glass or two without compromising the longevity of the wine.

Much wine gadgetry is a bit naff and space wasting. This one is something actually worthwhile owning.

8. A Jancis Robinson-designed decanter made by craftsman Richard Brendon

Jancis Robinson worked with Richard Brendon to design the perfect set of glassware. They arrived at the perfect, universal wine glass, a stemless wine glass, a decanter for young wine (maximum air space) and a decanter for old wines (something in which to decant wine from the sediment but not expose to too much oxygen, so it's designed with less surface area and a glass stopper.

Frankly, anything from this collection would be a beautiful gift.

Young wine decanter - £100

Old wine decanter - £125

Pair of glasses - £70

9. Wine Map jigsaws from a kick-ass young female Master of Wine, Rebecca Gibb

Particularly the Bordeaux map - this is a fun gift for someone interested in wine, especially someone doing any wine exams who needs to be able to mentally recall this essential wine map!

10. Classic Reading Material: Decanter magazine subscription.

An oldie but still a goodie. A fun thing to receive every month and browse through, and dive into the occasional in depth travel or regional profile.

£48.99 for a print subscription. Everyone loves getting something in the post don't they?

A brilliantly encyclopaedic resource, organised alphabetically first by food type, and then by grape and/or wine style. Very user friendly, inspiring, and never dogmatic. Makes good reading and oozes with Victoria Moore's infectious passion for not just wine, but also good food.

12. A Taster Case of 6 Fabulous Wines from Vignette Wine

The "Not Another Pair of Socks" Case of 6

6 different Dad-worthy wines, exploring 6 different styles and grapes. Only £85 and limited time only free shipping for Father's Day.

What's inside?


1 x Lip-smacking Languedoc Picpoul de Pinet - Crisp & Fresh

1 x Classic Chablis - Chardonnay - Mineral & Citrus

1 x Vouvray Sec - Classy Loire Chenin Blanc - Honeyed Apple


1 x Corsican Grenache Blend - Fresh & Fruity

1 x Argentinan Malbec - Dark cherry fruit

1 x Crianza Ribero Del Duero Tempranillo - Vanilla & Spice

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