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A Book Lover's Guide to Wine: Wines As Romantic Icons

1. Heathcliff

A swarthy, formidable hero of exotic origins; brooding, earthy and untamed. The Lebanese icon has always been produced with minimal intervention, call it Natural if you like. A Gestalt blend of Carignan & Cabernet Sauvignon, the two meld together to create one tormenting, hauntingly complex wine. Even the ravages of time fail to dampen its power!

2. Romeo

A young, headstrong and passionate Italian. Simply won’t do as his parents say. Has to be the original young gun of Italian wine - Giusto Occipinti. His biodynamic, organic and back-to-basics production COS has inspired a whole new generation of winemaking in Italy. COS Nero di Lupo, Sicily

3. Jo March, Little Women

A daring and principled dreamer; a rebel who follows her heart rather than convention: Arianna Occhipinti’s dazzling Frappato or vivacious SP68 Bianco

4. Mr Darcy, Pride & Prejudice

So elegant and noble yet so deeply misunderstood to those who don’t know him. Nearly brought into disrepute by lesser versions purporting to be in his class. The aristocratic Soave Pieropan La Rocca

5. Jay Gatsby, Great Gatsby

The ultimate baller. A cult classic from the Belle Époque. No less than Marie-Courtin's organic Grower-Producer Vintage Champagne Resonance 2017

6. Arwen, Lord of The Rings

Ethereal yet powerful, an extraordinary blend from faraway lands (Barossa, down under!), as potent as Arwen's elvish magic. Viking overtones by name:

7. Brigitte Bardot

Voluptuous + golden-toned French beauty with enduring retro appeal. A classic, with many that would style themselves in her image.

8. Sophia Loren

A bewitchingly bold, full-bodied dark beauty; an Italian icon. Ages well.


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