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'Journey Beyond The Senses' bespoke experience features under Tech & Innovation in Harpers Wine & Spirit

In 2018 Vignette Wine was approached by Brand Consultancy Coley Porter Bell to create a bespoke experience for their clients. 

As an agency they focus on an understanding of neuroscience to underline good design and branding practice, and rather than a standard presentation of neuroscience theory followed by networking drinks, they wanted bring these insights to life in a surprising, and entertaining way for their clients.  


Vignette Wine developed a series of 7 'stations', each one inspired by a different sense, through which guests would be guided, each one bringing to life a different neuroscience insight, from  'System 1 Vs System 2' thinking, Visual Dominance, Priming and Thin-slicing and more. For example, inspired by the sense of touch, at a Virtual Reality station, guests had the opportunity to explore the theory of Kiki & Bouba; the idea that even abstract ideas have culturally consistent spatial, properties. Using the rich palette of Google Tilt Brush, guests were invited to translate two contrasting wines into abstract shape and colour. Elsewhere, a blind tasting station led guests through a blindfolded tasting of 3 unusual wines, along with several more experiences to surprise and delight guests. Each station was accompanied with an 'exhibition guide', written by Vignette Wine, discussing each insight in more depth.  To learn more about the experience, the content and the activities, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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