The Sensory Circus: February 11th 2021

The Sensory Circus: February 11th 2021

Join in for a special public edition of The Sensory Circus. 


Each ticket receives:


3 x 750ml bottles of wine

A box of Sensory stimuli 

Access to the live tasting 



An interactive, live presentation that explores some fun and mind-bending ideas from perceptual psychology and neuroscience, woven around the tasting of 3 delicious wines.


How so? The field of neuro-enology shows us that wine tasting is a highly cognitive activity; it engages more of the brain than playing an instrument or a sport. This makes it the perfect lens through which to explore ideas around how the brain constructs consciousness and how our experiences depend on our individual sensory physiology.   


For example, experiments around price priming in wine, or when white wine is coloured with red food colouring (repeatedly fooling even 'experts' into describing a red wine), all give us insights into the fascinating way the brain constructs consciousness (our perceived reality), in an active, predictive process. 


Likewise, we explore the highly subjective experience of tasting, shedding light on how each of our sensory apparatus differs. Not only do we all have slightly different taste buds, but two different humans may only share around 70% of available olfactory receptor neurons. Hence you may perceive your olfactory world very differently to someone else - aside from the notoriously hard challenge of actually applying words to smells! Mystery aroma vials provide a fun, competitive element around the sense of smell alongside a pop-up / fold out flavour map. In the box, as well as aroma stimuli and the flavour map, is a taste strip that reveals whether you're a 'super taster' or not.... and what that even means! 


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