Sicilian Summer Pairings - Case of 3
  • Sicilian Summer Pairings - Case of 3

    This case of 3 wines is designed to be paired with the 3 Sicilian recipes on the blog, inspired by recent travels in Sicily and the Aolian Islands. 


    Click on the links to access the recipes!


    Planeta Rosé Sicilia DOC 2019 with Orange & Fennel Tuna Ceviche 

    When life gives you lemons and oranges, slip on your rosé-tinted glasses and make ceviche. 


    Recipe here


    Poliziano Rosso di Montepulciano + Pasta Alla Norma 

    A classic Tuscan red wine from iconic Tuscan estate, Poliziano, paired with Sicily's most operatic recipe. 


    Recipe here


    Corsican Vermentino With Aeolian-style Marinated Tuna With Capers & Fresh Tomato

    Domaine Culombu, Tribbiera Blanc, 2019. A crisp, lemony wine, to be served as chilled as the Aeolian island vibes. 


    Recipe here


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