Marie-Courtin Champagne Resonance 2016

An organic 'grower' Champagne from cult winemaker and Sommelier's favourite, Dominique Moreau. A visionary, bucking just about every Champagne trend, her focus is on: Organic, single vineyard, single varietal, single vintage Champagnes from low yields. (The opposite of what much of the big branded houses focus on - blending from across regions, varieties and vintages to create a homogenous product, with little regard for keeping yields low). No wonder she has such a cult following. 


All Dominiques wines are zero-dosage, falling into the Extra Brut category - nervy and extremely chiselled, these are wines to electrify your palate. 


She recommend to drink them in a normal white wine glass, to enable them to better evolve in the glass with good aeration. 


Resonance is a Blanc de Noir made from exclusively Pinot Noir grapes. 

Marie-Courtin Champagne Resonance 2016

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