Gran Reserva, Arzuaga, Ribera Del Duero, 2009
  • Gran Reserva, Arzuaga, Ribera Del Duero, 2009

    Case: 6 x Bottles 750ml


    Arzuaga Gran Reserva 2009 is a complex, refined and mature red wine. This vintage once again shows us all the personality of long aged wines without concealing the presence of the fruit. Very elegant roasted notes merge with the passage of time with the aromas of candied red fruit. On the palate it is silky, structured and with a very lingering finish.

    • About The Producer


      As in all European countries, many Spanish wines owe their reputation to the efforts of some traditional families and some large companies that have kept two basic requirements: quality and personality. These family companies have managed to gather their own heritage that allows them to produce wines "at home", with all the control guarantees. This is the case of this laudable winery, Arzuaga Navarro. Since its early days, at the beginning of the 90s, harvest after harvest they have produced wines with the seal of the house, and with the unequalled style of Ribera del Duero

      Arzuaga Navarro pay close attention from the very beginning, in the vineyard, because their premise is that it is impossible to make a good wine without healthy and quality grapes. They make sure they achieve low yields, in tune with low fertility soils and the harsh Castilian climate, searching for a lower production, since larger amounts would diminish the concentration and quality of the wine.


      The vineyards of Arzuaga Navarro enjoy a unique climate, with crisp sun during the day, and cool and humid nights. This climatic combination causes the grapes to ripen slowly and perfectly, resulting in a healthy, tinted and sugary fruit, with an aromatic acidity.

      The estate is located at 900 metres above sea level.  Poor soil and harsh Spanish weather conditions at this altitude result in scarce yields but also in highly concentrated grapes.

      The harvest is carried out manually at the grape's optimal stage of ripeness.


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