• 6 Summer Reds

    A case of 6 Summer Ready Reds. This doesn't mean they have abs. It means they are perfectly juicy, smashable, and suitable for enjoying slightly chilled. 


    2 x Judith Beck INK, 2018 (Biodynamic, minimal intervention)

    A blend of Zweigelt and St Laurent in keeping with rockstar Judith's love of showcasing Austria's native grape creds. Bright and lively, with excellent freshness providing a counterpoint to the mouthexplosion of dark, inky fruit. The wine equivalent of getting your fingers stained greedily picking juicy, tart, black and red berries off the bush. 12.5% abv.


    2 x Valentina Passalacqua, Calcarius Nu Ltr RossoPuglia, 2018 (1 Ltr) (Biodynamic,  natural with minimal sulphites)

    Bright cherry fruit and a little bit of funk from 100% Negroamaro. Low in tannin creating a surprisingly drinkable juice, I mean, wine, designed to be drunk chilled. A definitive summer red wine. 11.5% abv.


    2 x Domaine Culombu, Tribbiera Rouge, Corsica, 2018 (Organic)

    30% Grenache, 30% Nielluccio, 10% Sciaccarello, 20% Syrah, 10% Cinsault, a

    veritable rainbow of local grapely treasures. The wine is unoaked, creating a deep ruby red wine of deceptive lightness and freshness, that bursts full of fresh berries, with a herbal, spicy finish.


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