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Sweet, bright, intense and clean. This uplifting aroma is pure, cold-pressed Mandarin essential oil sourced from Italy. The distinctive smell of orange, in all its many variants, is down to the aroma compound Limonene. Less sharp and acidic than lemon, lime or grapefruit, mandarin is a sweet, aromatic take on citrus, with a riper, tangier edge. The aroma limonene is concentrated in the skin, which is why just a twist of zest can already be a powerful aroma. 

In wine, the aroma of Mandarin and Orange can often be found in the dry, aromatic whites of Campania, Italy, where the motif of citrus fruit also forms such a key part of the visual language. From the ceramics and textiles of the boutiques of Sorrento, to the winding vertiginous cliffs of the Amalfi coast where you find stalls selling the enormous Cedron lemons on the roadside.

Orange Basket
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