December 19, 2018

1. It’s the oldest wine region in Australia

Australian wine has a lot to owe the Hunter Valley. James Busby, widely considered to be the 'father of Australian wine', planted the first vines in Australia here in 1825. He brought over various cuttings from the Old World,...

November 9, 2018

Which also just happens to be Gluten, Grain and Refined Sugar Free! The Hunter Valley, about two hours north of Sydney, is well worth checking out

July 18, 2018

Are you someone who always points the wine list in someone else’s direction? Do you get inexplicably awkward when the waiter asks you to check the wine?

June 20, 2018

Wine: is there anything else so universally enjoyed that still manages to alienate so many of the people who enjoy it? I can’t think of anything else that creates the same tension, this stark contrast between those revered people who we perceive as holding the knowledg...

December 13, 2017

Promise me something: if you are ever within 100 miles of Arequipa, Puno or Cusco, do yourself a favour and hop aboard the Belmond Andean Explorer.

Words can hardly describe how awesome this experience was.

We’d booked ourselves a luxury sleeper train from Puno to Cusco,...

December 12, 2017

No longer feeling like I’d been hit by, rather than simply sleeping on a bus, we ventured into beautiful Sucre.

Sucre is the heart of Bolivia even if most people think of La Paz as the capital. We’d added Sucre into our plans to help us experience and understand more of...

December 6, 2017

Casablanca is one of many wine regions in Chile with a growing international reputation.

On our South American travels, we visited a couple on our drive back to Santiago and I was impressed by how well set up these wineries are for tourism. Mitch and I were both feeling...

November 30, 2017

The Museum of Memory and Human Rights Abuses, which memorialises the atrocities under the Pinochet right wing dictatorship, 1983-1990 is a must visit I think for anyone in Santiago. We were keen to understand more about what happened and educate ourselves on this hugel...

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