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Isn't life too short for bad wine?

That's why our sessions are based on learning and experimenting in order to empower and inspire you.​

Wine drinking is a very subjective experience; did you know, the act of tasting wine engages more of the brain than playing an instrument or a sport? The brain creates the complex flavour of wine based on multi-sensory stimuli - no two people will taste it in exactly the same way.

Yet too many people feel a bit nervous about wine - choosing it, buying it, expressing opinions about it - it's as though there is too much you could get "wrong". ​But it needn’t be so complicated or esoteric. The reign of the wine bore is over.

About Sophie Griffiths

I've loved wine for as long as I can remember, a passion fuelled by living in Italy and America, a Hunter Valley-born husband and getting to work with fantastic wine brands during my years in advertising and branding. For many years, my work in the field of communications has been informed by neuroscience, and I'm increasingly struck by how these two worlds collide. After completing the Advanced Level 3 Certification awarded by the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) and running sessions for friends and family, I finally quit my job to dedicate myself to my passion full time. I am also studying towards the prestigious WSET Diploma in Wines.

By embracing the subjective, multi-sensory aspects of wine tasting, my mission is to create truly extraordinary wine experiences, unleashing a new passion and understanding of wine in each of my clients!  


Build out your sense memory by deep diving into different flavours and aromas. The olfactory system is highly 'plastic', meaning you can strengthen the neural pathways involved in detecting and recognising aromas


What kind of taster are you? Sensory physiology varies hugely from one person to the next. Discover surprising things you never knew about your palate including whether or not you’re a “Super-taster” - and what that really means!


Cut through the wine-bore nonsense and experience for yourself the basics of food pairing: see how your palate responds to sweet, umami, bitter, sour, salty in the context of different wines.


Reckon you can tell a white from a red while blind-folded? Take an astonishing journey into your mind and your senses, exploring just how much our senses work together to construct our subjective reality.


Visit our bookings page to register for upcoming events, or why not let us create a bespoke session just for you?


Just drop us a line to start your Vignette Wine journey.

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